Type sort descending Title Artist(s) Media
Artwork Light Mural for KLM Gyorgy Kepes Image, Text
Artwork Greens Crossing Greens: to Piet Mondrian Who Lacked Green Dan Flavin Image, Text
Artwork The Weather Project Olafur Eliasson Image, Text, Video
Artwork Coincidence Engines Thomas McIntosh, Emmanuel Madan Installation
Artwork Opus 161 Thomas Winfred Video, Image
Artwork Innen Stadt Außen, Blind Pavilion Olafur Eliasson Installation
Artwork LED Installation/ Music Video "Battles" United Visual Artists Installation
Artwork Tribute in Light Julian Laverdier, Paul Myoda Installation
Artwork Morphovision Toshio Iwai Video, Text
Artwork Light Space Modulator László Moholy-Nagy Video
Artwork Spinning Shaft Moira Sina, Alejandro Sina Image, Text
Artwork Going Forth By Day Bill Viola Video, Image, Installation
Artwork Random Screen Aram Bartholl Video, Image, Text
Artwork Vectorial Elevation: Relational Architecture 4 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Image, Text, Video
Artwork Deep Walls Scott Snibbe Installation
Artwork Igloo di Giap Mario Merz Installation
Artwork Permutations Jack Citron
Artwork Ecstasy of St. Theresa Bernini Video, Image, Text
Artwork Point Counter Point Frank Malina Image, Text
Artwork Spinning Shaft Moira Sina, Alejandro Sina Image, Text
Artwork Tape Noir Mark Kaishman Image, Text
Artwork SAM - Sound Activated Mobile Edward Ihnatowicz Video, Text
Artwork "33 Questions per Minute" Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Others
Artwork Chorus United Visual Artists Installation
Artwork "Wooden Mirror" by Daniel Rozin Daniel Rozin Installation
Artwork A Sound Garden Douglas Hollis Installation
Artwork Ninth Triennial of Milan Grand Staircase Lucio Fontana Image, Text
Artwork Video Flag Y Nam June Paik Image, Text, Video
Artwork Animate Field Justin Lui Installation
Artwork Where We Are is Always Miles Away Tavares Strachan Installation