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The LED Kimono Project

Miya Masaoka’s LED Kimono Project is an installation based, performance piece in which 444 hand-sewn LED light sensors respond to musical and physical conditions. The artist’s website, describes how the instrument/garment is used and offers insights to her mission:

The LED Kimono Project represents an extension of and an expansion upon the large body of work that I have developed in the last decade addressing interactivity with insects, plants, and the human brain. My past performances have often incorporated some aspect of “thinking improvisation” in the software. I envision the kimono as an embodied mind and creature. With this creation, rather than harvesting data from the biological world, the kimono will be the embodiment of particular characteristics of living things, cultural icons, and memories.

This video shows a performance where the sounds, video and movement interact to create a united whole.SFEMF-BIRGHT-620x413.jpg