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Pigeon Blog

“Beatriz DaCosta’s Pigeon Blog (2006) used miniature air pollution sensors, GPS units, and transmitters attached to homing pigeons to evaluate and map local air quality.”[1]

New York Surveillance Camera Players

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“Inspired by the situationist theory of détournement, since 1996, the New York Surveillance Camera Players have been enacting agit-prop theatre performances, based on sources including George Orwel

Robot K456

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“Nam June Paik and Shuya Abe created one of the first art robots. Robot K456 with 20-Channel Radio Control and 10-Channel Data Recorder, 1965, was an

Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002

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Looking back on the technological evolution of the last few decades, it becomes clear how fast it went and how fast technology was rendered as outdated. One of those media formats was VHS.

  • by is an interactive installation with web surveillance interface in which a movie frame from a montage of violent excerpts from films, news media, and computer games “attacks” visitors v

In the 2001 Venice Biennale the European Net Art Collective 0100101110101101.ORG, in collaboration with epidemiC, another group known for its programming skills released “”, which is bo

Net Art Generator

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Web-based computer program to collage material from the Net.


George Waterman III commissioned MetaBody in 1996, leading to its rise onto the web on MayDay, 1997, in the teeth of a censorial wave here.

Piazza Virtuale

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In this video Ken Goldberg explains the Telegarden-project and gives you an impression of that project.

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Three-hour interactive telethon co-sponsored by the Everson Museum and WCNY-PBS.

Yolande Harris “Sun Run Sun”

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I am witnessing a sensation of dislocation from my immediate environment by its alternative representation in the data of position, the figures of longitude and latitude updated every second as I move. What place is there for my sensations, my phenomenology, my conscious and unconscious awareness of space if this knowledge is so efficiently and functionally made redundant by the technologies of satellite navigations?  – Yolande Harris

Hole in Space

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HOLE-IN-SPACE was a Public Communication Sculpture.


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