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Telematic dreaming

This video shows Telematic dreaming where two persons can lie close to each other with the help of Telematic dreaming and they can touch each other by their feelings and emotions or sense but in practically they are in different locations. They can also talk to each other but not by speak only with gesture. To make this environment  one bed, one video camera, and a projector has used where each component are connected by a high-speed telecommunications line.

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telematic dreaming [1]

“Telematic Dreaming is an installation
that exists within the ISDN digital telephone network. Two separate interfaces are located in separate locations, these interfaces in themselves are dynamic installations that function as customized video-conferencing systems. A double bed is located within both locations, one in a blacked out space and the other in an illuminated space. The bed in the light location has
a camera situated directly above it, sending a live video image of the bed, and a person (“A”) lying on it, to a video projector located above the other bed in the blacked out location. The live video image is projected down on to the bed with another person (“B”) on it. A second camera, next to the video projector, sends a live video image of the projection of person “A” with person “B” back to a series of monitors that surround the bed and person “A” in the illuminated location. The telepresent image functions like a mirror that reflects one person within another persons reflection.”[2]