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iPod’s Dirty Secret

The Neistat Brothers first attracted public attention in 2003 with
their blatantly critical work, iPod’s Dirty Secret. After being refused
a replacement battery for an 18-month old iPod, [they] took to the
streets of Manhattan on their bikes to sabotage iPod’s omnipresent

Using a Sony DigiCam, they filmed their vandalism of the advertisements
with a slogan revealing thetruth about the faulty product and then
circulated this video via their email networks, crashing
telecommunications servers across the country as circulation gained
momentum.This seminal work, and the many made since then, have been
viewed by millions on the Brothers’ website and locate them at the
pioneer days of today’s trans global, mass communication networks of
YouTube and MySpace.

Text from “Neistat Brothers Collector,” Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2007.  Download Neistat_Roomsheet.pdf