"Performans sanatı ve deneysel sinemanın öncülerinden biri sayılan Carolee Schneemann'ın multimedya interaktif ortam ve performans çalışması "Snows", 1967’de New York’ta Martinique theater’da gösterilmişti. Karmaşık ve çok… Read More »Snows

30 Days of Running in Place Basiony‘s 30 Days of Running in Place was first presented at the Why Not exhibition in Cairo in 2010. Basiony performed daily for 30 days in a room enclosed in transparent plastic outside the Cairo Opera House and Palace of Arts – The artist jogged around the room wearing a plastic suit fitted with digital sensors that gathered and wirelessly transmitted data on his movements and physiological parameters – This information was in turn processed and projected on a large screen as an ever-changing visual and aesthetic reflection of the artist’s physical state. As a five-channel installation exhibited at Egyptian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2011, 30 Days was juxtaposed with videos recorded by Basiony during his participation in the January revolution, until he was killed by gunshot wounds inflicted by Egyptian Police snipers on January 28, 2011.


"Carolee Schneemann, one of the pioneers of performance art and experimental cinema, created an interactive electronic environment for her multimedia performance, Snows, which premiered in… Read More »Snows


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9 evenings: theatre & engineering

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Fahstrom Kisses Sweeter than WinePerhaps the most influential event joining art and technology in the 1960s, 9 evenings was held in October 1966 in New York.

The Islamic Project

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Islamic project started on 1996 as an installation and performance with interactive communication with public: purchasing souvenirs, filling questionnaire concerning their opinions about Futur