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Roberta Breitmore

Roberta Breitmore

ROBERTA BREITMORE was, for 9 years, a private performance of a simulated person. In an era or alternatives, she became an objectified alternative personality. Roberta’s first live action was to place an ad in a local newspaper advertising for a roommate. People who answered the ad became participants in her adventure. As she became part of their reality, they became part of her fiction.

A fuller description about Roberta can be found at at the artist’s website:

The simulation of Roberta breaks the borders between real life and simulation. After so many years Roberta became more and more a second personality of Lynn Hershman. Roberta’s traumas became the haunting memories of Lynn Hershman. Roberta began to take control of a real person. At this time the experiment began to run out of control. Roberta became enacted by multiple indivduals, not just Hershman, resulting in multiples of the multiple.

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