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Photon Voice

From environmental installation “Photon Voice”, CAVS/M.I.T., NEA Inter-arts Project, “Desert Sun/Desert Moon”, Lone Pine, CA. Filmed by “Smithsonian World” June, 1986. In Collaboration with the Laura Knott Dance Company. Light encoding and transmitting installation /performance designed to encode sound, images, and motion into sunlight. Details of sun tracking sculpture, and receiving stations that decode the sunlight’s “radiation pressure” to construct microscopic sculptural forms from the interaction of photons with electrons in matter.

View of sculpture installation and performance in canyon, transmitting encoded sunlight from background to foreground lenses and into a vacuum particle chamber. * Smithsonian World film crew documenting in background.

Detail of transmitting and receiving apparatus during performance

16 mm film of focused sunlight in pure vacuum chamber, levitating and forming graphite particles into minute kinetic sculptural forms. Sounds, images and movement of dancer encoded in the light determine its shape.