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Catso Red

In Catso, Red, the artist has created what appears to be a red cube in the corner of the gallery by projecting a red square of light diagonally across the room. As viewers move closer, they see that the red light actually follows the contours of the walls. Turrell designed Catso, Red in 1967 as part of a series called Cross-Corner Projections, and installed the work at the Mattress Factory in 1994. As you look at the piece, or an experience, you can assemble the piece. As you move on it, you can reassemble it. And the fact is that you can go back in and assemble it again to its original state, and yet, having done that does not steal its magic. It’s very important to me that you see it one way at first, and then it reveals itself as something else. Then you go back again and see it the initial way again.