Rain Room

[video src= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkvazIZx-F0 align:right height:220] Rain Room is an interactive installation piece created by rAndom International, a multimedia artistic team based in London. This artwork seeks to emulate the experience of rain in an indoor setting; within a large room, drops of water fall from the ceiling, creating a constant, thunderous downpour. When a person is introduced to this space, they are monitored by 3D depth cameras that inform Rain Room’s software system of the person’s exact location, causing the rain directly above the individual to cease. As a result of this technology, a person remains dry as they move throughout the space.

Future Self

  View a video of the Opening Night performance here: https://vimeo.com/44089097   Future Self is an interactive light and sound installation that mimics human movement. The piece consists of hundreds of draped strands of LED lights that are suspended in the middle of a studio room in the formation of a rectangular prism. The structure remains […]

“Fly” by rAndom International

[video src=http://vimeo.com/31013833 width:400 align:right] According to its creators, the art/design collective rAndom International, “Fly studies the movement of objects and insects within a confined space. An abstract representation of a fly is held captive inside a glass box, centrally ensnared by eight cables. The behaviour of this ‘fly’ is controlled by a unique and autonomous algorithm, accurately simultating the observed behaviour of real flies.The ‘fly’ has the freedom to move anywhere within its box, but lacks spatial reference.”