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“Fly” by rAndom International


AI-FLY-6.jpgAccording to the artists, “Fly studies the movement of objects and insects within a confined space. An abstract representation of a fly is held captive inside a glass box, centrally ensnared by eight cables. The behaviour of this ‘fly’ is controlled by a unique and autonomous algorithm, accurately simultating the observed behaviour of real flies.The ‘fly’ has the freedom to move anywhere within its box, but lacks spatial reference.” [1]


This piece immitates the actions of an insect or fly in real life. rAndom International, an experimental art/design collective based in London, used a system of pullies to suspend the titanium ball inside the glass box.  When a viewer walks up to the piece, the ball moves sporadically away and around the enclosure like a fly naturally would.  If the person stops, the object becomes more comfortable and moves closer, but when motion continues, the ball moves away again and continues to “fly” around.  This piece uses mechanical aspects like titanium cables and pullies, but creates an environment with an organic feel to it.



[1] rAndom International, Fly project website


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