The Art and Electronic Media Online Companion emerged as a project of an intensive one-week MA seminar at the compArt Center for Excellence in Digital Art at the University of Bremen.  Seventeen students worked together to develop the web interface and initial content. Indeed, content creation and website design mutually informed each other, so the site has emerged – and will continue to emerge – from a highly collaborative process. The lead Drupal developers were Walter Jenner and Tim Mundt. Cristina Botta, Marten Müller, Ryan Scoville, Jan Smeddinck, and others also contributed to the architecture and design of the site. Other seminar members included Muhammad Abu Hasan, Yuling Chen, Vanessa Cortés, Leonardo De Araújo, Andre Hoffmann, Isabella Lomanto, Marten Müller, Adeel Naveed, Thamya Rocha, Jan Smeddinck, Hemant Sreekumar, Leen Touma, Chris Trappe, Jana Wedekind. 

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