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Art and Electronic Media book coverThis dynamic resource complements Edward Shanken’s books Art and Electronic Media (Phaidon, 2009) and Inventar el Futuro: arte – electricidad – nuevos medios (Departamento de Ficción, 2013). The growing number of images, videos, texts, and links provided here offer additional information and multimedia documentation about work by individuals, groups, and institutions that have made valuable contributions to the discourses of electronic art. The site follows the book’s organization in seven thematic streams but can also be searched by keyword and tag-cloud links. You don’t need to register to explore content but registered users can access a rich interface to submit entries that will be considered for publication. Additional functionality and content are under development, and your contributions to that process are welcome. We hope that this resource will assist in the process of teaching and learning and are grateful for your submissions and feedback.



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  •  Artist Tao Sambolec's expanded conception of art emphasizes tactility, embodied experience, affect and perception in space, often involving displacements that heighten our sensory awareness. In this respect, his work finds good company with pioneering contemporary artists from Marcel Duchamp to Olafur Eliasson .

    A case in point is his remarkable installation

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  • The Real Costs is a form of eco-visualization that responds in real-time to web-based queries and provides a graphic description of the ecological impact of travel decisions.

    The project consists of an open-source Firefox web browser plug-in that inserts CO2 emissions data into airplane travel e-commerce websites such as,

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  • Communication and telepathy with non-human animals is a disputable subject that has not been extensively researched, but has sparked curiosity in humans for thousands of years. Other animals bring us a wealth of joy and fascination, making it no surprise that alternate ways of communication with them are being developed

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  • In 2015, London-based artist John Walter premiered his multimedia project Alien Sex Club, which sought to explore the relationship between visual culture and HIV as well as open a public discussion about this often-taboo topic.  But even after Alien Sex Club had its final exhibitions, Walter felt that there was

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  • It’s dark inside the Currents New Media exhibition hall. I navigate a path that steers clear of wall mounted screens of exploding color and groups of people lying on the floor, or holding cables and interacting with devices, and children waving arms, their movements projected on the wall, watching themselves

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  • "I am witnessing a sensation of dislocation from my immediate environment by its alternative representation in the data of position, the figures of longitude and latitude updated every second as I move. What place is there for my sensations, my phenomenology, my conscious and unconscious awareness of space if this

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