Route One

[video src=] Icelandic avant-rock band, Sigur Rós created Route One in 2016. This 24 hour long, TV production was intended to be broadcast live on BBC4 as well as The band created this television event to accompany the release of their then newly released single, ‘óveður’. In this live-streamed youtube production, the band travels on the longest day of summer in Iceland, traversing Route One, a road spanning around the entirety of Iceland’s 1332km Ring Road.

Conversion of St. Paul

The Conversion of St. Paul. 1600-1601.  [2] “Caravaggio’s technique, a high-contrast form of chiaroscuro known as tenebroso, achieves effects that bear an uncanny resemblance to Edgerton’s high-speed flash photography,” such as Milk Drop Coronet (1936) [1] “In 1600, soon after he had completed the first two canvases for the Contarelli Chapel, Caravaggio signed a contract […]