Conway’s Game of Life, sunSurgeAutomata, and the Conway Quartet

Gospers_glider_gun.gifConway's Game of Life is a cellular automaton (a model that attempts to replicate the behavior of living cells) developed by British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. It takes the form of a grid with pixels that can either be in two states, on or off, or alive and dead since this is supposed to a model replicating the behavior of biological cells. Some artists have taken cellular automata (either Conway's Game of Life or similar ones) and used them to create new pieces, such as Dupuis' Conway Quartet and Scaletti's sunSurgeAutomata.

The Animal, Vegetable, Mineralness of Everything

The Animal, Vegetable, Mineralness of Everything by Ken Feingold is an animatronic sculpture that consists of three talking heads surrounding a bulbous object. Each head has a distinct “personality”, and they make conversations between themselves and about the object at the center. The piece was on view from September 10 through October 23, 2004, at […]

Darwin (programming game)

“Tierra is a derivative of the computer programmers’ game Core War. And Core War was in part inspired by a game called Darwin.


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