An interview with James Turrell held by Richard Whittaker on February 13 in 1999. It is available at Below the introduction to the interview is presented.

It was thanks to artist Walter Gabrielson that I was able to get in touch with James Turrell. Gabrielson is an old friend of Turrell’s from Pasadena and, like Turrell, also a pilot. The prospect of meeting the artist was quite exciting and arranging it took some patience. Michael Bond, who managed Turrell’s projects around the world, was encouraging. He sent me to Los Angeles to look at one of the artist’s pieces in a private collection there, The Second Meeting, and eventually I found myself on my way to Flagstaff, AZ. The time I spent studying Turrell’s work had only increased my sense of his unique place in the art world. I met the artist at his studio on his ranch some thirty miles outside of Flagstaff.‘ [1]


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