medium_michael_joaquin_grey_102.jpgMichael Joaquin Grey worked with Randolph Huff to create "a 3-D neural network animation that documents morphological and developmental changes in a Medusa-like artificial life form."[1]

It "bears an uncanny resemblance to jellyfish but is the emergent result of exhaustive iterations of relatively simple instruction sets."[2]

In 1996, Michael Joaquin Grey published the essay, "Jelly Lovers: Dreams of Causality" in Art Journal .

Michael Joaquin Grey, "Jelly Lovers: Dreams of Causality" in Art Journal 55:1:36.

[1] Edward A. Shanken, From Drips to ZOOBs: The Cosmology of Artist/Inventor Michael Grey, ,

[2] Edward A. Shanken, Art and Electronic Media, p.41

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