“She is considered to be one of the pioneers of Digital Art: in 1968, Vera Molnar, living in Paris, was among the first persons using the computer as a meditum of creating art. Already in 1959, the first digitally produced pictures hat not yet existed, she developed her machine imaginaire and with this machine, she created pictures by means of selfinvented algorithmus: “I imagined I had a computer. I created a programm and then, step by step, realized simple, limited series, which, though, were self-contained, thus not skipping any shape combination.”

With this concept of the machine imaginaire, Vera Molnar quite early set a corner-stone for a decided artistic use of the computer. Since 1968, the computer is a central device of her artistic work. In this continuity that lasts even until today, the work of Vera Molnar constitutes a peak level of Digital Art….”

Excerpted from the book, Vera Molnar Bremen: Kunsthalle Bremen.

Vera Molnar has done some pathbreaking artwork for digital arts since 1959. The curious thing is that she uses self-created algorithms to create her artworks without a computer. She is an artist who had created some very good “computer-artwork” without any real computer.


you can find an interview with Vera Molnar. She answered some questions about her life and her art. The interview is in german, I don’t found the english version if there is one.

Short biography:


born in Budapest, has lived and worked since 1947 in France (Paris and Normandy)


Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapes


Rome fellowship


Member of GRAV (Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel)


onwards work with computer and plotter


developed the computer programme “Molnart”


Member of the Centre de Recherche Experimentale et Informatique des Arts Visuels (CREIAV) at the Sorbonne, Paris


Lecturer in visual art and art history at the Sorbonne, Paris


Awarded Develop Digital Art Award (DDAA) 2005, Berlin

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