Susan Mendes Silva

Susana Mendes Silva is a Portuguese artist who has applied to a diverse spectrum of art mediums, digital art included. Born in 1972, she has been making artwork since the 1990’s that
focuses largely on interpersonal relationships, intimacy and detachment. Much of her art tends to place people in situations normally considered intimate or personal, which can illicit different reactions from audience members depending on their comfort levels with the artwork. Examples of this can be seen in her works such as A Bedtime Story, TV School, Ritual and many of her other pieces. She currently has over 35 artworks spanning from digital, installation, text, sculpture and other mediums.

Silva holds a degree in sculpture, earned from the University of Lisbon (FBAUL) and is currently pursuing a PhD at Goldsmiths College in London, where she is currently working out of. She also works in education, teaching Landscape Architecture and serving as a research assistant at the University of Evora. For a complete listing of her artworks, see her official page at

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    I came across this post absolutely by chance and never knew anything about her, but this story of success is quite inspiring, and i really enjoyed the artwork, it is perfect for my taste.

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