Grand Prize recieved from VIDEO CULTURE CANADA

                              Toronto Harbor-Front, CANADA

                              Golden NICA recieved from ArsElectronica – Linz Austria

Artist Statement:

“In 1982, I had dived into computer graphics field as a art director
with 3 technical people. After spending 4 years for generating moving
images on video tape, I had felt frustration with the computer images,
because the image was generated with 3D data but we can not touch that
3D object. I had had strong desire to materialize the object which is
from computer data, for touching the surface. The results were shown as
computer generated sculpture in 1987 titled Geometric Love, NC milling machine was used for realization and in 1990 titled Forbidden Fruits, Stereo lithography technology was used.” [1]

[1]: http://www.iamas.ac.jp/interaction/i97/artist_Fujihata.html

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