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Wiesbadener kunstsommer

“wo bitte geht’s zum Öffentlichen”

The artistic work of the New York professor at MIT, Julia Scher turns for over 20 years on the subject of video surveillance. In countless video installations, the multi-media pioneer in a mixture of humorous sculptural design and existential self-questioning the vulnerabilities of an increasingly has lifted in technically produced leaving security company. In Wiesbaden, she wants a number of typical baseball caps, as they produce will be borne by security services, in pink marble. These are fixed to the benches in the area between the station and the slaughterhouse. Julia Scher called “Happy hoods” / “Caul” / “Caput galeatum”, a term that those – named after the popular belief, lucky charms – hood, which covers some babies shortly after birth, yet his head. The paper argues Julia Scher with the final preparations and in fruitful discussion with the city (the city, the country?) Of the event.