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We Are All Made of Light


We Are All Made Of Light is an immersive art exhibition which exemplifies the interconnectedness that we share with our fellow humans and the universe itself. The releasing of the installation coincided with Seattle’s BOREALIS: a festival of light, debuting in October, 2018 in South Lake Union and across Seattle. The work was created by the Seattle-based artist Maja Petrić who set out to demonstrate the thought that we are all just individuals in vast and expansive universe, yet we all share some form of expanded consciousness.

The work of art asks us to allow ourselves to experience an environment of interconnectedness and explore the world of connected consciousness, allows for an individual to abstract from their narrow perspective in order to see humans in a different light. This installation strips our identities from us at the door, abstracting our physical qualities that so often separate us as humans, allowing us to truly appreciate the human form and love one another no matter our differences. Such is the beauty of a collective consciousness, as it has a way exposing the natural beauty of the universe by evoking us to explore the connections between us and the rest of the world that often stay hidden in the plain sight.


In order to create such an intense realization, the installation utilized interactive light, spatialized sound, and AI to create audiovisual trails of each individual as they move through the space. These human-like light threads accumulate as the exhibition progressed, emulating a constellation of lights created by visitors, who are connected to one another through past, present, and future. The result is simply an immersive starscape, evoking the beauty of the universe and revealing the invisible ties between each one of us and the rest world at large.

Through these revelations provided by such a work of art, Maja Petric would hope that humans can learn to love each other a little more and respect the wider universe in which we live. In the biography about the work of art, Petric herself says the following, “My desire is that such experience leads to answering the following questions: “If we could glimpse the paths crossed, trails left by our fellow humans, would we see how we all alike shape our environments, the spatial memory of our environment? What would being immersed in this mesh of trails lend us in the understanding of each other and our collective experience?”[1]




What an amzing looking piece! It is like walking among a night sky. I wonder how many visitors will be recorded into the project while it remains active?


The placement of images and the video in this article is very well done – it gives the sense of continuously falling stardust from the top of the article to the bottom.  An issue that could be easily changed is the use of first-person grammar – the article should be informative without an obvious hint of opinion.  Additionally, would it be possible to add more direct quotes from the artist about their thoughts of their own work?

-Eric Mitchell