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The World Generator

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The World Generator was developed in 1996/97 with programmer Gideon May and specifically enlarged for “p0es1s.” Participants can use this digital machine to generate, in real-time, virtual surroundings out of different digital elements, within which they can then navigate. 3-D objects can be selected, put in scale, given texture; pictures and videos can be placed and repeatedly rearranged in an ever growing world; music, as well as written and spoken texts, change the projected world into an audio-visual space of experience. These “Recombinant Poetics” are used to examine the way meanings arise out of different medial contexts. For “p0es1s,” Bill Seaman has used this electronic machine in order to transpose text from the context of the World Generator into the real exhibition area: i.e., the text installed in the stairway of the Kulturforum “describes” physical space in a manner derived from the virtual space of the World Generator.



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