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‘The Race’ – Ryerson University Film Festival (RUFF)

The Ryerson University Film Festival (“RUFF”) is an annual public showcase of thesis works produced by graduating film students at the School of Image Arts in Toronto. RUFF gains momentum every year, selling out seats and propelling student films to festivals all over the country and the world. The event is truly becoming a hallmark of Toronto’s film community. (

Kenneth Knowlton’s essay, “Computeranimated movies” (1984, AEM, p 202) applies to this video: ‘Computer produced movies are playing an increasing role in technical education and research.’

“The Race,” part of RUFF 2009, is an example of a computer-produced movie. The differences between the ‘real world’ and the computer-animated are hard to get. There is a convergence world of the pfotogrphic image and the computer-animated world going on.

Also we read on the same page ‘Geoffrey Batchen’ Phantasm-Digital Language and the death of photography:

‘The first is an effect of the widespread introduction of computerdriven imaging processes that allow ‘fake’ photographs to be pased off ass real ones.’

We are entering a new revolution in image, with the remediation of the photographic and cinematic image.