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The Allosphere

The AlloSphere

The AlloSphere is an extremely interesting project, still under development that works at the fusion-point of math, science and art.

“The AlloSphere. It’s a three-story metal sphere in an echo-free chamber. Think of the AlloSphere as a large, dynamically varying digital microscope that’s connected to a supercomputer. 20 researchers can stand on a bridge suspended inside of the sphere, and be completely immersed¬† in their data.

Imagine if a team of physicists could stand inside of an atom and watch and hear electrons spin. Imagine if a group of sculptors could be inside of a lattice of atoms and sculpt with their material. Imagine if a team of surgeons could fly into the brain, as though it was a world, and see tissues as landscapes, and hear blood density levels as music. This is some of the research that you’re going to see that we’re undertaking at the AlloSphere. […]”

 РJoAnn Kuchera-Morin

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