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soundings [1]

This video shows the relationship between motion and sound.

“In Soundings, conceived by Hill as a work for broadcast, the found object of a loud speaker becomes the source for a sequence of image/sound/text constructs. A series of what Hill terms “processual rituals” ends with a text “from” the speaker, in which it describes its electronic, changing state as a relationship with the viewer. As Hill speaks about touch and sound in an extrapolated monologue, he buries the speaker in sand, drives a spike through it, sets it on fire and pours waters onto it.” [2]

“Soundings is a meditation on the phenomenology of sound, the translation of image into sound and sound into image through a series of experiments on an audio speaker. The speaker delivers sound both audibly and visibly, with the camera revealing the minute vibrations of the speaker’s cone. Referring to the cloth covering of the speaker as a ‘skin’, Hill intones, ‘This is the skin of space where I voice from’. The materialized voice is clearly an extension of the artist’s intention. Hill proceeds to bury, puncture, burn, and drown the audio speaker in an effort to physically alter or overwhelm the sound coming out of it, the sound of his own voice. Each carefully constructed experiment explores the confluence of sound, image, and text, suggesting a kind of concretized poetry or ‘electronic linguistics’.”