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Richard Kriesche Capital + Code Exhibition

Richard Kriesche explores systems of perception. With his perennial focus on the
challenges of new technology and science, he is a key figure in contemporary
art. His works, which often have a cultural political background, have always
been at the forefront of media art.

Richard Kriesche. Capital + Code,
In his Capital + Code exhibition, Richard Kriesche homes in on
interconnections, focusing on the structure of phenomena. In the Aesthetics of
Capital light installation (2008) especially created for the Kunsthaus Graz, he
bathes everything in a technoid computer-blue light. The installation uses eight
projectors and visualization software (which also sees use in the money markets)
to project market-type fluctuations on the interior wall of the building. The
constantly changing images are real-time responses to search questions on Google
involving different combinations of the words art, work, capital and freedom.
The images are an indication of an elusive global state.

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