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Reverse Graffiti

reverse or clean graffitti

Moose is a Leeds born, British graffiti artist who has been creating reverse graffiti in his hometown for years, in addition to producing pieces in San Francisco, CA for a short independent documentary. All of his artwork is created using a plant based cleaner, a brush or cloth, and elbow grease. Curtis’s murals and tags can be found anywhere there is grime caked onto the walls, primarily in dank underpasses and tunnels. Rather than applying media to the walls, Curtis selectively removes the dirt and dust already there to create images. Though he claims not to describe himself as an environmentalist, much of his work revolves around the themes of pollution and urban decay. In creating his works, Curtis hopes he will show people just how dirty we have allowed our world to become, and perhaps even prompt others into action.

The shown in this short film was created for the Green Works company, which produces environmentally friendly cleaning products. The scene depicts a variety of indigenous flora that would have existed in the area hundreds of years ago. While the commercial background of the piece is the source of significant controversy, the pro-environmental message rings true.   (site down)