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PSI Girls

PSI Girls

Susan Hiller: “PSI Girls”

5 Screen Video Installation, dimensions variable 

In Susan Hiller’s “PSI Girls,” 5 screens are demonstrated in a single row. The screens depict looped scenes from multiple movies in which female characters use telekinetic abilities. The video clips were all colored red, blue, yellow, violet or green. A soundtrack of rhythmic drumming ensues at the end of each clip. The colors of the screens cycled in time with the music. The elements of color and sound on top of the content in the video clips adds a sense of performance/narrative to the presentation. Many of the installation locations provided seats for the viewers to watch for extended periods of time. 


Susan Hiller: “The meaning of art is collaboratively formed in the relationship between viwers and work.”


Susan Hiller: Each screen is suffused by a different colour, altering the nature of the images and remapping their semantic meanings: violet and the sacred, green and the supernatural, blue and regeneration, yellow and transgression, red and passion. Of the six primary colours, orange, thought by psychologists to reflect internal harmony, is ‘missing’