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Point Cloud

Point Cloud redefines art by introducing weather as a form of artistic expression.

“Point Cloud emerges as a sculptural form defined by a thin wire mesh, driven asynchronously by 8 individual servos controlled via Arduino. As whiteness of the hanging structure begins to disappear into the background, the viewer is treated to a constantly morphing swarm of black points dancing through midair.”

This was created by to turn digital data back into a natural pattern of movement. It interprets actual data from weather, and instead of creating changes between wet and dry weather it creates movement. The Point Cloud simulates changes in “stability and turbulence, expansion and contraction . . .[it]“creates a visceral experience in our interactions with weather.”

I think this is a beautiful art form because it gives dimension to nature and allows us to better understand and appreciate it. In some way I think this piece can be considered artificial life, because it is using technology to give movement and life to inanimate objects. This correlates with the reading from AEM because of the advancements made that highlight and emphasize the beauty of nature and biology and what digitalization can do it change it.


Shanken, Edward A. Art and Electronic Media (Phaidon, 2009) AEM