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Pipilotti Rist Apple Tree


The video installation titled, Apple Tree, by Pipilotti Rist explores the relationship between technology and the environment as well as the psychological themes of innocence and desire. In this work Rist creates a magical world. The slowed down and dreamlike quality the Rist creates in this installation is comprised of video projections as well as a large tree and hanging transparent plastic. The plastic objects are symbols of material desires and they cast shadows onto the video projections. As viewers watch this piece they cast shadows onto the video as well. This work creates an immersive environment that allows Rist to convey the feeling of an otherworldly place and references the Garden of Eden. 

She creates environments that are aesthetically pleasing and pleasurable and allow the viewer to escape into a magical world. She is criticized for this focus on visual pleasure, but this is also seen as part of the child like wonder she creates. 



A Conversation about Pipilotti Rist