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Pico Scan

The modeling of artificial evolution is a major challenge in Artificial Life research as well as for Artificial Life artworks. In the past they have developed several interactive computer art systems that use artificial life principles in combination with user-machine interaction. The underlying aim of these systems is to study the application of Artificial Life principles to the creation of self-sustaining and evolving interactive artworks.

In 2000 they developed an interactive system called PICO_SCAN. It is an interactive installation that allows users to measure and capture their users various body data and links them to the creation and evolution of artificial life creatures. The PICO_SCAN system consists of 5 PICO_SCANNER interface device and 5 plasma video screens. When the user picks up the PICO_SCANNER and scans along her body she generates various input data that are specific to her own body characteristics. The collected data information is then used to generate artificial life creatures that can feed on these color values provided by the users video image