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Opus 161

Turn your speakers off and hear with your eyes!

Wilfred’s work was purposely silent in order to allow the visual “music” to be experienced without confusing it with sound.  The video gives the mistaken impression that there was or is a sonic element in the work.

Opus 161 is one of Wilfred’s finest works. “A Wilfred Lumia work is a composition of light, color, and form which changes slowly with time. It exhibits a very wide range of light intensity and a broad spectrum of delicate colors and shapes. These are extremely difficult to record and impossible to “play back” with fidelity, even using a high quality monitor. Thus you cannot experience the full, almost visceral, impact of his work unless you see it in person.”[1]

Lumia [2]


[2] Michael Rogers,The Astronomer Who Found the LightCalTech News 39:3 (2005)