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Ninth Triennial of Milan Grand Staircase

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“Besides being renowned for his boundary-breaking, and canvas-ripping, conceptions of space and art, Fontana was also a pioneer of electronic art using light as a medium.”[1]

“This aerial sculpture, which was suspended from the ceiling of the central stair­case of the Palazzo dell’Arte, the Milan Triennial building, launched a visual language that was later to become an integral part of contemporary art. The 100-metre-long loop of neon tubing extended across the whole of the ceiling – a continuous sign of intersecting curves of light. The piece was a classic representation of what Fontana called a “spatial environment” and “spatial concept” – what he saw as overcoming the divisions in architecture, painting and sculpture to reach a synthesis in which colour, movement and space converged.”[2]

[1] Edward A. Shanken, Art and Electronic Media, p.58