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Nemo Observatorium


Lawrence Malstaf - Nemo Observatorium

In this single viewer experience, a person is invited to enter a transparent PVC cylinder, about 6 feet in radius, and sit in a comfy armchair. To the right is a button that when pressed activates 5 fans that create a simulated typhoon using bits of polystyrene. The viewer is engulfed in a whirlwind of activity, which is both awesome and overwhelming, and mysterious in that there is obviously no real storm cell overhead but the energy of air speed and movement is made apparent in a form that begs an emotional response: one might feel the chaotic activity is unpleasant and entrapping, but more likely the viewer will find calm in the rhythmic undulations of the beads. After a time period the wind dies down, and the participant is allowed to leave, or begin round two. The mesmeric environment causes one to loose sense of time and has been called a practice in meditation. One must ask themselves if it’s the enveloping energy or the connection to a storm being made that is so evoking.