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This video ironically pokes fun at amateur culture.  It was created by Paper Rad, an artist collective that has shown its work at Sundance Film Festival, among other notable venues.  Paper Rad’s self-description (below) suggests the group’s schizophrenic identity.  Perhaps that’s a key theme in the work, which suggests a broader cultural identity crisis, in which little girls are far too smart for their age, and in which a diversity of cultural icons are smashed together creating a dissonant neo-pop agglomeration that is surprisingly coherent, if not disorienting, but saccharinely entertaining.


What is paper rad?

hmmmm,  the never ending story,

for the general public i would say, just focus on our projects, our concerts, if we are on tour, our books, videos, and website, don’t worry about members, friends or any larger social and/or cultural relevance.

if you are trying to write an article, a school paper, or telling you mom or dad, or boss, basically you are screwed, you can say words like 3 member art collective, but remember that you are lying and are just trying to translate what we are trying to do into america-speak again, just explain a comic or joke you saw on the website or in a book, i think that will work out better, and as for the details, good luck

if you are a art collector, policeman, or ad agency, we are no company, its individuals making things, you like the name paper rad? great, you don’t like it, even better, run with it, ask me who i am, maybe i’ll tell you,

you know, there is no secret, if you want to know every detail about us, then live your life, and the details will come to you, like, do you think i have to explain what paper rad is my best friends? no, i don’t, they come over and see it, and they know the details, naturally, they know what my haircut is, its no secret, its just not the fucking point.

actually my best friends have no idea what paper rad is, infact the other day paper rad had a 4 hour argument about what is paper rad? so yah…