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Micro Macro Music Massage

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“My personal favorite artistic offering to public experience is the reinsertion of fun for fun’s sake into the social. I know that sounds simple and naïve. It is. Vibrating chairs are titillating. The idea of helping strangers in public liven each other’s bodily experience shamelessly in a temporary suspension of moral standards is my call to duty. It’s something to do while waiting for the AIDS vaccine. At the same time, the conjoining of the microcosm and the human body, so often forgotten in the workaday world, will be emphasized. A simple assay should prove growth of cells due to vibration, which can be extrapolated to human tickling and vibro-erotism in general. This sensual experience could abstract our importance as self-centered entities by focusing on bounce as a form of transient existence. In other words this is art and tech lite, public hedonism and unashamedly so.”


This is an excerpt from Adam Zaretsky’s project proposal to the Daniel Langlois Foundation, January 31, 2001, cited with permission of the artist, n.p.n at