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Limited Edition: George Boole’s “Derivation of the Laws…”

"Roman Verostko made the first robotic brushstrokes in 1987, using custom software and sumi brush mounted on a plotter to achieve remarkable gestural
spontaneity from a series of algorithms."[1]

In the project, "Limited Edition: George Boole's 'Derivation of the Laws…' ", "the front and end pieces were pen-plotted in an algorithmic serial edition. Each  drawing, 'one of a kind', was drawn or brushed, stroke for stroke  with a pen plotter driven by  the artist's software.  Two families of form, 125 originals in each,  introduce a radically new procedure in  "post mechanical" reproduction. This edition (1990) may be the first instance where an algorithmic improvisational series of original drawings was created for a bound  limited edition. This form-generating procedure will undoubtedly have a profound impact on graphic arts in the 21st Century."[2]

The following image is the one of the drawing : Frontispiece, #9, 1990


[img src:]

[1] Edward A. Shanken, Art and Electronic Media,p.23