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Light Ballet

In 1959, Otto Piene created the work Light Ballet, which annouces his concern with the elements.

”By elements, I do not only mean the classic Greek elements: fire, water, air and earth. I also mean the human elements of action, reaction, involvement, participation.”[1]

Here is the viedo of Light Ballet which was exhibited in Op Art exhibition at Frankfurt,2007

“Piene discusses the emergence of using light as a primary medium in his work.”[2]
“Piene developed three different forms of Light Ballet. In Archaic Light Ballet (1959), electric light shone through perforated cardboard. In Mechanical Light Ballet (1960), cranks operated by the audience made lightobjects move slowly. In Automatic Light Ballet, electrically powered motors accomplish the same effect.”[3]

Here are some pictures of Light Ballet from the book “Art and Electronic Media”.







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