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Life Squared

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Life Squared (L2) was a project carried out under the auspices of the Stanford Humanities Laboratory, with Lynn Hershman Leeson. It began as part of the “Presence Project” under the direction of Prof. Michael Shanks, in association with the Metamedia Lab in the Stanford Archaeology Center and with the How They Got Game Project, under the direction of Dr. Henry Lowood. The project was partially funded by a grant from the Daniel Langlois Foundation. The goal of the project was to re-animate the existing archive of Lynn Hershman Leeson, housed in the Department of Special Collections in the Stanford University Libraries. The work was substantially completed in early 2007 under the direction of Henrik Bennetsen, who worked closely with Hershman Leeson to build the elements of Life Squared in the virtual world, Second Life. The project “island” was called NEware. The completed project integrated selected elements from the Hershman archive in a re-created virtual site based on Hershman Leeson’s first site-specific art work set in the Dante Hotel in San Francisco in 1972.

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