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interactive media art installation “gravicells”

“Gravity and Resistance: We are in the life environment which is not escaped from gravity. The project is advanced having a new appreciation of them anew. This work presents the dynamic processes of the interactions between gravity and resistance and aware of our bodies and feel the potential of new perception” [1]

Seiko Mikami and Sota Ichikawa’s media art work “gravicells” provides a space with hypothetical dynamics having the opposing forces of gravity and resistance, through special devices and sensors. Walking freely in the site, visitors are able to feel gravity that they are seldom aware of, resistance to it, and the effects caused by other participants. All movements and changes made by participating visitors are transformed into the movements of sound, light (LED) and geometrical images through the sensors, so that the whole space develops or changes in this interactive installation. Additionally, the position of the exhibition space is simultaneously measured by GPS, and with plural linked GPS satellites as part of the work, it involves some observation points outside the earth. Open Space 2008 April 2008- March 2009/InterComunicationCenter in Tokyo, EL MEDIO ES LA COMUNICACION April – June Tenerife, Canary Islands 2007.Mois Multi Quebec, Canada 2007. OOH Media Art Festival Gijon,Spain 2006.Japanese postwar art and technology Nov – Dec InterCommunication Center in Tokyo JAPAN 2005. ArsElectronica Sep O.K. center in Linz 2005. EXIT and VIA March – April,FRANCE 2005. SHARE FESTIVAL Torino ITALY, Feb 2005. transmediale Berlin Germany 2005. DEAF04 Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek in Rotterdam Netherland 2004. YCAM May – June Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media JAPAN 200.[2]