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Healing Pool



picKnepHealingPoolWeb-747755.jpgThe Healing Pool by Brian Knep is a six channel interactive video floor projection. A glowing pool of organic patterns move and pulse. As a person walks across the video the pattern tears and then continues to rebuild itself. However, the pattern never returns to its original form. Each person who walks across this work leaves a scar. The regenerative piece holds a record or a memory of every interaction it has as it constantly evolves. This work is part of Knep’s healing series and this work investigates artificial intelligence and artificial life. Of this work Knep says, “with these pieces I am focusing on the complexity possible with very simple rules. The patterns and their growth are completely emergent phenomena; they arise from the mathematical equations that the software simulates.” This work exhibits life-like behaviors such as growth, mutation, and healing. Visitors explore new ways of interacting with this installation and create a community as viewers interact not only with the work but with one another.

The importance of the virtual reality or immersive space is that it allows for direct involvement and participation of the visitor and even the collaboration of visitors within an artistic space. This type of experience has high impact and this medium affects perception and understanding.

Knep’s background in computer science and math influence the themes found in his work, such as the regenerative nature of life, patterns and cycles found in nature, and living organisms