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“Creepy Circus Song” by ArcAttack

Creepy circus song's tesla coil generators“Texas group ArcAttack make music by manipulating electrical arcs generated by Tesla coils¬†. In these two videos (shown below, ed.), they perform Creepy Circus Song.” 1.

“The crew of Texas-based band ArcAttack are responsible for creating the incredibly neat Singing Tesla Coil, which was present again at 2009’s edition of Dragon*Con. Almost like a real-life AniMusic (computer animated music, ed.), ArcAttack features a robotic drummer, an organ made of PVC pipe, and of course their giant Singing Tesla Coils. Add in a bit of guitar and you have an ArcAttack show. Check out the awesome Tesla Coil emulator over on their website. A very interesting and unique experience.” 2.

This work uses tesla coils to generate spectacular visual and sonic effects much like lightening and thunder, as in the work of Orr and Schwartz.¬† Similarly, the use of high voltage electric current in Doorway to Heaven by Chris Burden, reveals the dual mythic nature of electricity – as a vital source of energy but as a potential hazard that can take life away (as in Mary Shelley’s Victorian thriller, Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus.

Without the existence of science an espescially physics, this artwork could never have been made. This fact, brings to our attention that science and art must closely work together and form a pact. For long, back in 1920, Gabo and Pevsner pleaded for this joining of forces in their Realistic Manifesto. Both disciplines can benefit from eachother, and most important of all, humanity benefits from this cooperation.

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