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«ConFIGURING the CAVE is a computer based interactive video
installation that assumes a set of technical and pictorial procedures
to identify various paradigmatic conjunctions of body and space. The
work utilises the CAVE technology stereographic virtual reality
environment with contiguous projections on three walls and the floor.
The user interface is a near life-size wooden puppet that is formed
like the prosaic artists’ mannequin; this figure can be handled by the
viewers to control real time transformations of the computer generated
imagery and the sound composition.

“ConFIGURING the CAVE» is constituted by seven differentiated pictorial
domains. Movement of the puppets body and limbs dynamically modulate
various parameters in the image and sound generating software, while
particular postures of the puppet cause specific visual events to
occur. Most significantly it is the action of moving the puppet’s hands
to cover and then uncover its eyes, which causes the transitions from
one pictorial domain to the next.

«ConFIGURING the CAVE» embodies a meta-language of functional
relationships between corporeal and spatial co-ordinates. These
relationships are both physical and conceptual, reflecting the
traditional attitude in many cultures of conjecturing the body as the
locus and measure of all things. At the same time it puts that
tradition in a post-modern exigency which exposes the fragile
covariance of a representative surrogate body now located in a
measureless space of reticular forms.” [1]