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Show different aspects of the whole image, based on the meta informations that each patch has. Another source for facets are statistical informations such as growing speed, country of origin, sex, favourite colour, patch sound. Facets are maps that show us the emotions, colours and sounds that each patch has been added by the authors. Facets can also viusalize digital mutations of communimage and the relationship between certain areas of the whole image, that are not visible at first glance.

Other important facets of communimage are printed versions of the whole image displaying communimage in real space. Though communimage is a true internet project, it has grown to a size that cannot be experienced on a screen any more. Printed versions of communimage are therefore showing a side of the project that would not be accessible otherwise. The actual size of communimage at this moment is:
156.34152m2 (14.3736m x 10.8932m).

From November 08, 2008 – February 08, 2009 an exhibition at SF MOMA in San Francisco presented an overview of participation-based art since the 1950s, reflecting on how artists create situations in which the public becomes a collaborator in the art-making process. Early conceptual art and historic works by Joseph Beuys, John Cage, Dan Graham, and Hans Haacke, among others, were contextualized with projects and installations including Communimage and other works by contemporary artists including Jochen Gerz, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Erwin Wurm. The rise of Web 2.0 platforms such as MySpace and Second Life have prompted SFMOMA to commission several artists to create new installations and online works for the exhibition, many of which consider and engage strategies of participation.

Experience the artwork here.