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Sandison installed Chamber in 2009 at the Denver Art Museum Blink exhibition. The spatial immersion installation has flashing lights from words and figures that move across the walls of the space. “My technique,” Sandison says, “consists in painting with light, time and basic elements.” His aim as an artist is to “transport the viewer to alternative ways of thinking” ( 

The work, Chamber embraces the unique architecture at the Denver Art Museum. The projections overlap and tangle in a sea of repeating letters, words and phrases. The words and letters group together and flow, however individual words and letters also move across the walls. The colors flow into one another and often entirely new colors are created in the combinations. There is juxtaposition between the text forms and the chaos in the environment.

The simplicity of the forms within this work creates a primitive space. It is interesting to note the way that the repetition of the simple words and phrases changes the meaning of the text.