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BodyScan (IN/OUT)

“To create BodyScan (IN/OUT), Austrian artist Eva Wohlgemuth had her own body accurately scanned and rendered digitally in three dimensions.Using this as a foundation, the artist subjected her digital body to a wide variety of transformations and re-contextualizations, disembodying her 3D self-portrait from the materiality of corporeal existence and setting it free, so to speak, in virtual reality and cyberspace.”[1]



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“As the artist wrote, ‘My artistic interest in the body is not based upon the wish to develop the perfect bodymachine with an extravagant new look or augmented functionality, but the psychological investigation of external and internal self-images of the new body representations. Through the transfer into multiple data formats we get a quite abstract new image of ourselves, which could lead to new visions and self-concepts. We could set other definitions – and find new stories about ourselves. History gets outdated, obsolete and questionable, there might be a switch to new emotional codes. The bodyclones are each telling another story about ourselves. What will the lives of these doubles and clones show us?’”[2]

The video below is BodyScan INOUT, 4 channel videoinstallation with flights through and over the rendered body,in 2002.


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