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Beyond Pages

Beyond Pages(1995) is a project from Masaki Fujihata. you can see a very attractive way of interaction.

“The data projector loads images of a leather bound tome onto a tablet which a light pen activates, animating the objects named in it – stone, apple, door, light, writing. The soundscore immaculately emulates the motion of each against paper, save for the syllabic glyphs of Japanese script, for which a voice pronounces the selected syllable. Stone and apple roll and drag across the page, light illuminates a paper-shaded desklamp; door opens a video door in front of where you read, a naked infant romping, lifesize and laughing, in. In the middle pages, kanji letters scroll breakneck under the nib of your pen. Lifting it selects a word. We ask the Japanese of our random selection, ‘Does it mean anything?’ and they say, ‘Well, it says something, but it doesn’t mean anything’. And it says, oh, I don’t know: fish, walk, watch, and the ideographs sit in disarray where they tumble on the page. Something of the accident of language, its random illumination of the world, shines up from the page. An illuminating illuminated manuscript (like Simon Biggs’ 1991 alchemical book) opens and leafs through with a gesture, more direct than metaphor, more subtle than allegory, of the digital text, book as light source.” [1]

“In this way, Fujihata playfully explores the relationship between real and virtual objects. He asks viewers to consider the nature and the future of the book, not only as an interface for storing and accessing information but as a portal for additional forms of knowledge and creativity. The artist seeks to provide a ‘sensory tool to use in recognizing objects in a new way – similar to the system of a good poem, which opens people’s minds.’” [2]


[2]: Edward A. Shanken, Art and Electronic Media, p.173