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Beatles Electroniques

Beatles Electroniques [1]

“This is an interesting pioneering piece of work in video art realized
in 1969 by Jud Yalkut and Nam June Paik. The authors take filmed and
sound extracts from a Beatles concert, as well as the visual rendition
of the concert sound on the monitors of the recording equipment,
process the images and the sound to create something new and different” [2]

“Original soundtrack: “Four Loops” by Kenneth Werner. “BEATLES
ELECTRONIQUES was shot in black-and-white from live broadcasts of the
Beatles while Paik electromagnetically improvised distortions on the
receiver, and also from videotaped material produced during a series of
experiments with filming off the monitor of a Sony videotape recorder.
The film is three minutes long and is accompanied by an electronic
soundtrack by composer Ken Werner, called ‘Four Loops,’ derived from
four electronically altered loops of Beatles sound material.” [3]