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This virtual interactive facility, designed by Catherine Ikam and Louis-François Fléri the occasion of the inauguration of new premises at IRCAM, depicts the encounter between a face, voice synthesis modeled and generated in real time and a visitor whose movements are also collected and analyzed directly.

It represents a new stage of research undertaken at the initiative of artists with Mac Guff Ligne and Fifth Agency since the presentation of the Other in 1992 at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art as part of the exhibition “Face Discovered “.

In 1995, Catherine Ikam and Louis-François Fléri create a new installation, “Le Messager”, broadcast during the exhibition Cities Cinés 2 Defense. This new piece of software using graphics display much more powerful (reflection mapping) combined for the first time production of sounds in real time developed on this occasion by the music stations at IRCAM.

Saturday 7 JUIN 1996, ALEX was born in 16 hours at IRCAM. Alex depicts an encounter between an artificial and a visitor. This is just a mask, as in the other or the messenger, but a clone of a dual digital out of the collection of “Virtual Portraits” by Catherine Ikam. Its creation required several steps: capturing a 3D scan volume and texture of the faces and Alexandra from the data modeling and animation by Alex Mac Guff Line.